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CALL OUR REFERRAL HELPLINE 24/7: (410) 921-1866

Since we do not provide drug or alcohol treatment in Columbia, Maryland those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction should contact our referral line for help as soon as possible.

Alcohol and Drug Detox

Alcohol and drugs are pervasive killers, gradually worming their way into your life and slowly destroying you. The destruction takes a toll physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and financially. The first step to any treatment program is admitting that you need help. Whether you are reading this because you are ready to make a change or because your family is begging you to make a change, we are here to help you succeed at reclaiming your life.

The first step is a full drug detox and alcohol detox. Before meaningful treatment can begin and positive changes can be made the toxins need to be cleared from your body. The process is not an easy one; addictions create a physical need for the drugs or alcohol that can be difficult to overcome. However, our skilled and caring staff knows what to expect and will be with you throughout the entire process. Medical personnel are on hand to ensure that every detox progresses safely and effectively.

We personalize the treatment plans to work with each individual. We offer full medical detox on an inpatient basis to help people in the area once again enjoy a drug and alcohol free life. We also offer partial hospitalization programs, as well as intensive outpatient programs. Call us in at (410) 921-1866 to learn more about our detox program. Our nurses and physicians are available to help you through this process. The sooner you take this step the sooner you can enjoy a healthy, normal life again.

Different drugs and alcohol affect the body in different ways and the drug detox process for them can also be different. Our experienced staff knows how to help you recover from your poison of choice. You have been walking the road of addiction alone, but the road to recovery does not have to be traveled the same way. Let your friends and family help you, let our professionals help you. Call today at (410) 921-1866 to set up an appointment.

As the alcohol and drugs are cleared from the body, the desires for them and strong cravings that drive people will begin to fade. Once this step is accomplished, patients are ready for intensive rehabilitation programs. Getting clean is only the beginning, learning how to stay clean is essential. Our carefully designed program has helped thousands of people return to a normal life and we can help you, too.

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